What is Art?

What is art? Its a question that gets asked more than you realize. Frankly, it depends on whose definition you go by so we’ll skip that question for now. Not to sound cliche but art is all around us, its in patterns on cows, horses, dogs and cat fur, its the way tree branches bend and twist, its ski runs on a mountain viewed from afar, its in everyday objects, your can of green beans, the label on your wife’s favorite lotion. Some people have the ability to naturally see and recognize what I am talking about for others its a little harder. It seems these things are easier to see and find if your are naturally artistic or are a visual learner. For me its a natural thing to look at cracks or worn patches in the sidewalk and see shapes like faces, animals etc.  For instance I saw a patch of worn sidewalk near my house and saw a skull shape from that I drew this sorta sharp angled skull that I called ‘Metal Head’ you can see the drawing in the “sketches and doodles” section of this website. Art has many definitions and means many things to very different people, but that I believe leads to more art or things being interrupted as art which is always a good thing.

Art should make us feel happy and inspire us it should also inform, engage and enlighten us. I hop that my work does that and as I continue to develop this site and blog I hope to inspire you, the viewers out there and also myself to dream more to create more and leave more than just memories behind.