Hello, I am Erik I have been an artist since I could hold a pencil at least that is what my mother tells me. I am also a graphic designer and this site is dedicated to showing off my work. Recently I have come up with a personal motto of sorts that motto is: Dream, Believe, Create. I feel that everyone who is creative should dream up ideas, believe in those ideas and then make those ideas reality by creating them. Everyday I try to find something that inspires me, I hope that maybe some of my work will inspire you.

I am a native of Idaho, and was born in Pocatello, grew up in Blackfoot and now call the Wood River Valley where the world famous Sun Valley Ski Resort is.  When not being artsy I love to enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping, every winter I play recreational ice hockey, I am a sci-fi movie, TV show and book fan/geek. I love photography and digital art, and dabble in painting sometimes. When not doing any of that stuff I am either sleeping or hiking/exploring with my Pitt Bull mix and bff Trinity.